Cast & Crew

Hali Lula HudsonHali Lula Hudson – Kris

Hali Lula Hudson is an LA actress who has appeared in multiple Indie Features, Web Series and Short Films. Some of her credits include Funny or Die’s the “The Douche” with Dylan McDurmott, Fox’s American Dad, supporting roles in “The Myth of the American Sleepover” and “Scary or Die.” Hali’s strengths in horror and comedy made her the perfect fit for the role of Kris.


David O'DonnellDavid O’Donnell – Jake

David O’Donnell is an Australian TV and Film actor who has recently brought his talents to LA. David, being a trained boxer and surfer, was able to let his natural physical strength run underneath his charming and subtle performance, creating a character that is likeable and strong.



Alrik BursellAlrik Bursell – Director/Producer/Writer/Editor

Alrik is a Berkeley native with over 10 years of video and film production experience, working on feature films, network tv and local commercial sets. In between set jobs, Alrik kept a steady flow of corporate, documentary and life style projects churning, honing his craft in shooting, editing and simply telling a story. Strange Thing, is the first professional produced film directed by Alrik, which will showcase the experience and passion that comes out of 10 years working from set to  set.

Jason JosefferJason Joseffer – Director of Photography

Jason Joseffer brings over 15 years of experience behind the camera, having shot multiple features films, short films and countless commercials and corporate videos. Jason works with a keen technical eye, making sure the shot list presented is going to visual tell the story without missing any important beats. Jason was a key asset in performing the many moving shots in the film and he was always ready with a suggestion in order to get the most dynamic shot in each setup.

Matt StouppeMatt Stouppe – Gaffer

Local SF Bay Area Gaffer Matt Stouppe brought out all the toys for our project. With years of lighting and grip experience, Matt put together and all star G/E crew to handle the many complicated lighting set ups and technical moves that Strange Thing required. Matt lit day for night and night for day with ease, perfectly simulating the look of a bright sunny morning while it poured down rain outside.

Jeska LapinJeska Lapin – Art Director

Jeska has been working in film, from Set Dressing to Props to Production Design, for the past 15 years. Growing up with a skilled carpenter as a father and a baker and artist for a mother, she was lucky enough to get the best of both worlds: precision and creativity. In her work Jeska loves telling stories, thinking outside the box and creating the details that make you want to look twice. Jeska took on the difficult task of taking the world created on the page and successfully put it up on the screen, creating just the right look for the mysterious doorway that enters Kris and Jake’s life.

George SchminkyGeorge Schminky – Special Effects/Creature Creation

George specializes in bringing to life outstanding special makeup effects creations. George provides innovative and high quality expertise including beauty makeup, creature effects, character effects, casualties/gore effects, props and more. George created two creatures for Strange Thing, I don’t want to spoil the film, so I won’t say any more then that.


Tony VellaTony Vella – Stunts

Trained Stunt man with over 20 years in the business, Tony was able to bring much needed believability to the crucial stunts in the short. Rather then making it up as we go, Tony brought all the necessary gear and experience in order for us to perform our stunts in a visually stunning and safe manner.


Issac Pingree – Assistant Director/Co-ProducerIsaac Pingree

Isaac Pingree is a freelance Director/Producer/editor who works out of Oakland, California. A graduate of UC Santa Cruz’s Film and Digital Media program, he has since shot and edited numerous promotional and internal videos for law firms, schools, health professionals, wineries and more. He has also produced/directed/edited a feature film, Day of Vengeance that has received distribution throughout the world and he is currently producing and directing a feature length documentary on a start-up University in Silicon Valley. As our AD and co-producer, Isaac brought years of production experience to the set of Strange Thing, keeping the shoot on track, the crew happy and most importantly, made sure we got the digital film on the mags.